Quality and environmental policy

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Quality and environmental policy

Basic Policy

We economically produce the best quality and best products to meet our customers' needs and provide them to our customers. In order to achieve this policy, we will build a quality and environmental management system based on the requirements of our customers and make sure that all our employees are sure to carry out continuous improvement.

Behavior Guidelines

  1. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by providing products that meet the quality requirements of customers, laws and regulations.
  2. We set and promote quality and environmental objectives and targets, review the adequacy every year, and carry out continuous improvement activities.
  3. In order to fulfill our quality policy, we invest the necessary management resources to improve human resources development, our organizational structure, and our work environment.
  4. We will do our utmost to ensure compliance with laws and regulations including environment-related laws and other requirements we agree with so that our business partners and all our customers can use our products with peace of mind.
  5. We will make every effort to ensure that all employees are fully aware of this policy, and that we can take action to achieve it.
    In addition, we will actively promote information transmission both inside and outside the company, and strive for mutual understanding with stakeholders.

2020 Jun 17th
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CEO Junya Nabe