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Description of business

Casting Section

We manufacture small items that require high levels of precision for a broad range of areas such as automotive parts, parts for machining tools and hydraulic equipment and other industrial machine tools, as well as waterworks which are closely tied to people’s daily living.

We have achieved 0.1 to 60 kg in weight for our manufactured parts and meet the needs of our customers with high-mix, low-volume production and short delivery times.

Waterworks Department

We supply waterworks and sewerage equipment to the city of Takaoka and neighboring towns, villages, and cities.

Our Strengths

We answer to needs for product delivery within short periods with the technological expertise that we have nurtured over many years, supply products with stable quality based on state-of-the-art equipment, make daily improvements in costs, offer products at low costs based on boosted efficiency, and promise quick responses and timely delivery based on the operation of our stable production facilities.

The smart use of our computer-aided engineering (CAE) system makes it possible to manufacture high-quality products, and we can shorten delivery times for newly developed parts and offer low costs through reductions in the numbers of prototypes that we make, cut down on prototype costs, and reduce waste.

We also make considerations for the environment through steps such as reducing the amount of energy required and industrial waste produced in developing prototypes. We are prepared with various types of inspection equipment and are fully prepared with regard to our assurance of product quality.

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